A role for everyone!
Efforts Toward Inscription

  • Share in the Enthusiasm!
    • Be enthusiastic about Hikone Castle inscribing World Heritage List, taking good care of it, and preserving it for the future!
  • Hospitality for Visitors
    • Greeting visitors with a smile
    • Keeping the city clean
    • Helping out people having trouble!
  • Telling People About Hikone Castle
    • Share with your family and friends what you like about Hikone Castle!
    • Post information and photos of Hikone Castle on SNS and elsewhere!


We’re looking for messages and information on support activities for Hikone Castle’s inscription as a World Heritage Site!

You can tell us about yours or those of others. Please contact the Hikone Castle World Heritage Inscription Advocacy Council. Email Address:hikonejo@pref.shiga.lg.jp

  • TERAI Yuka Representative of "teraitei"
  • Rikoriko FY 2022 internship trainee
  • Hikone Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Young Entrepreneurs Group (Hikone YEG) and Junior Chamber International Hikone (Hikone JC) Takurami
  • Kirin Brewery Company’s Kinki Division Shiga Plant
  • KIMURA Taizou Chairman, Hikone Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s World Heritage Site Inscription Promotion Committee
  • KUMAGAWA Tadashi Tadashi President, Genboku Co.
  • MIYASHITA Satoshi Hikone Volunteer Guide Association
  • MATSUOKA Kazutaka Director, Omi Tourism Board