Getting Hikone Castle Inscribed
on the World Heritage List

  • 1992

    Listed on the
    Tentative List of
    World Heritage Sites.

  • 2020

    Shiga Prefecture and Hikone City signed an agreement on promoting World Heritage inscription.

  • 2021~2022

    Working on a nomination dossier draft so that Japan will nominate the castle.

  • 2023~2024

    Preliminary Assessment

  • 2025(Target)

    Selection as a nomination candidate in Japan.

  • 2026(Target)

    Japan submits nomination dossier to UNESCO / Evaluation by ICOMOS.

  • 2027(Target)

    Inscription on World Heritage List.

  • Efforted website for inscribe Hikone Castle on World H…

Past News

~Seek the Value of Castle that has Never Battled~

No battle has ever taken place at Hikone Castle.
During the Edo period (1603–1867), samurai gathered each castle to govern for the stability of their territory, as well as to take part in cultural activities and military arts. Eventually, the castle became a symbol of stability and harmony.

Property and Buffer Zone Boundaries


World Heritage sites are irreplaceable treasures passed down from the past to the present. They have been created by the earth’s formation and humankind’s history. They are the common heritage of humanity that people around the world today must inherit from the past and hand down to future generations.